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No, I’m not posting this blog to come out of the pagan closet; I’ve done that already. I wanted to post this because there are many people whom call themselves pagan, but only to themselves. When it comes to telling others of their religious beliefs they’re fearful of the recourse of saying such a thing. My advice? Don’t be afraid!

I know this is easier said than done. Believe me. I was a “closet” pagan for 7 years before something inside me finally said enough already. I was fearful of recourse or mockery if I told anyone that I was a Druid. It wasn’t until, perhaps a year ago, when I finally started telling people. Now, I am proud to tell people if they ask. I still hold my druidry very close to me and only let those in that I feel are able to handle such a revelation. If you are fearful of mockery or what-have-you, then maybe you are still searching inside yourself to make sure that your pagan beliefs are going to be the beliefs you keep with you until that visit to the Otherworld. I get that.

If you do decide to tell people, I think you’ll find that most are intrigued to hear what you have to say on the subject. When I tell people I always give them a history lesson behind my beliefs. I usually start off by saying “it’s in my blood.” I am of Irish decent, and well, my anscestors definitely held beliefs along the lines of mine. I’m not going to say we shared the same exact beliefs because there’s no conclusive evidence of exactly what the beliefs were of the ancient Irish. But, I feel comfortable enough that it was on the same wavelength.

I usually get to speaking with Christians about the roots of Christianity and how Christmas came about, etc… That’s really where my history lesson comes in to play. When Constantine was converting his empire to Christianity there had to be some persuading among the pagan peoples. Christianity gets a lot of saints from old Celtic dieties. It’s been proven that Jesus was not born on December 25th. But doesn’t it make sense to place the birth of Jesus about the time of the Winter Solstice? As you know from my “Circle” post the Winter Solstice begins the birth of a new year. I could go on for a little bit about all of this (but you can email me if you’d like more information or questions to ask: moderndruidblog@gmail.com).

I suppose the short point I am trying to make here is be proud of the path you are walking. For your path is one filled with magic and mystery. Those mysteries will be revealed to you when you are ready for them. Continue staying the course and the fear of letting people know you are pagan will slowly subside as you progress in your studies.

I still get the occasional jab from my friends; “Hey, what did that tree say to you? Was it important?” I laugh for two reasons. One, they are my friends and we rag on each other all the time about anything. Two, I laugh because…well…I know something they don’t and that I hold close to my heart. At the end of the day, they’re my friends, and they respect the path that I walk as I respect theirs.

When the time is ready, you’ll start letting people know of your path, and you’ll feel proud to call yourself pagan, Wiccan, or Druid.


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