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A Pagan Conservative???

Yes you read that title right.  I am a pagan and politically conservative.  I tossed writing this post in my head for a while.  I thought of other pagans emailing me with backlash and the such.  However, I can assure you, I am not the only pagan conservative out there.  If you are going to respond to this post in any way please make your opinions respectful and intelligent.  I hold no grudges against liberals and I am very tolerant of everyone’s beliefs.  Let me make that clear right now.

I am writing this post because there seems to be this stereotype out there that to be a pagan means you have to be a raging liberal.  To not adopt liberal ideologies is to be un-pagan, or that being conservative surely means I cannot be a pagan.  However, I believe many have this preconceived notion of  what conservatism is all about.  I also know that conservative thought can be aligned with pagan values; because I am both. I believe this stereotype exists because many are ignorant to conservative thought.  Not all conservatives are Tea-Party members.  Not all conservatives are members of the Religious Right, trying to preach and promote Christian heritage throughout the country.  Sure these conservatives are out there and probably more popular, but they are just a small part of a larger whole.

I am what you would call a Traditional Conservative.  Traditional Conservative thought is mainly rooted in Anti-Federalist and Democratic-Republican thought.  Think of me as a Reagan conservative.  This ideology favors small government, supports a free-market economy, civil rights and liberties, lower taxes, and promotes civic and social responsibility.  Civic and social responsibility meaning concern and care for the environment, support of same-sex marriages, and maintaining a pro-life stance.  With today’s far-left media, it’s not surprising that conservatives get painted in a bad light.  The media only chooses to highlight those who are very far right.

Being a conservative does not mean that I could care less about the environment.  This also does not mean that I don’t support same-sex marriages.   Pagan conservatives tend to be community and family centric.   I tend to think of how my actions will affect the whole rather than the self.

The Neoliberal/Neopagan community sometimes leaves me disgusted with their thought and behavior.  There are times where their thoughts and actions are rather un-pagan in accord with traditional pagan values.   Eclectic paganism is a very predominant path for pagans.  However, at times, there appears to be in-fighting as to whose path is right and whose is wrong.  Paganism teaches tolerance not hate;  a mind-set that I see get overlooked time and again.  This leaves me unimpressed.  No wonder most pagans consider themselves solitary practitioners.  Traditional conservative pagans stress the importance of community over the self. I follow a Druid path, and in my learnings along the way, it had been taught to give a gift to the community.  The Druid Way stresses importance of community, tolerance for all, self-responsibility, and a reverence of nature.  All of which I am and do.

I do rituals, celebrate the Wheel of the Year, pray to the Gods and Goddesses, considered Nature sacred, have an altar, light incense, listen to pagan music, etc…just like you.  Perhaps the only difference is my political tendencies.  But that doesn’t make me any less pagan than you.  I think it’s good to have a strong set of morals and values.  I believe you need them to be a good pagan.

I am a conservative. I am a pagan.


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Drawing Down The Sun

Yet another personal encounter on my Druid path.

I think drawing down the sun is not used as much as it probably could be. I understand that most of my fellow pagans are more connected with the Goddess(es) which is why drawing down the moon is the popular choice of the two. If I was primarily a Wiccan, I may prefer drawing down the moon as well. There is just so much focus on the Goddess; and rightly so. She is our mother and protector. She can destroy as well as give life. However, in my Druid philosphy, I tend to use all that the Gods, Goddesses, and Nature has to offer. I don’t give one preference over another. I use what I need when the time is right. You can definitely find rituals for drawing down the sun and invoking the God aspect of your ritual, spell-work, etc…It is simply not as popular. In my views, I see everything as equally important and useful as the moment requires. For that reason, I give equal thanks to the Gods and Goddesses, Sun and Moon. The sun has very potent healing energies. I actually had to utilize the Sun’s energies last night. Since the Sun was not high above, I had to enter my Sacred Grove and drawn down the Sun and transfer that energy into my physical body.

My black lab suffers from epilepsy. She has seizures that come in spurts over months. When she has seizures it takes about 2-3 hours for her to fully recover. She will usually have 3 different seizures in that time period. The vets have said that the only medication for her would only make the seizure less severe and not prevent them. I didn’t want to put my dog on medication; especially after reading the side-effects. I decided that I would use my own healing energies to try and help her (that’s the Druid in me talking). Well, last night was one of those times I needed to help her.

I noticed my lab crawl over to me and try to get into my lap just as she was about to go into an episode. I lied her down on the floor and placed my right hand on her head and my left about a third of the way down her back. I then closed my eyes and entered my Sacred Grove where the sun was shining bright. I raised my hands and envisioned the Sun’s energies filling up my body from the top down until my body was glowing with natural light. I then channeled that into my physical body and allowed the Sun’s healing energies to transfer from my hands into my lab during her seizure. It took me a good ten minutes to accomplish this, but once I did, she stopped shaking and sat up panting for another ten minutes. After that period of twenty minutes she got up and started to run around as if nothing had even happened to her. Again, keep in mind, these episodes usually last 2-3 hours. They have never lasted twenty minutes since the onset of her seizures about two years ago.

My fiance and I looked at each other in complete shock. She said that was remarkable and she had never seen anything like that. I was also completely taken aback as I never thought that what I was doing was going to create such a dramatic outcome! I thanked the Gods and the Sun after witnessing this.

Even though, the sun was not in the sky that night, didn’t mean that I couldn’t use its healing power.

What I am saying here is use all that Nature has given you. You don’t have to necessarily revere one thing over another. If you are in harmony with Nature and its energies the sky is the limit! Don’t forget the Sun when you look at the Moon!

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There are some beginners in the magical arts that think practicing magic will bring them all of their desires at their will. If they do spells for money, love, careers, etc…they will be blessed with all of these gifts. When these things don’t come to the new spell-caster they begin to feel discouraged. It’s usually at this moment in time where beginners lose interest. I will admit when I began dabbling in Wicca some years ago I thought this was true as well. I just needed to train my mind and expose my will to get all that I wanted. It took some teaching to learn that magic just doesn’t work in this manner. Magic works with nature not against nature; and follows the laws of attraction. For example, if you want prosperity you have to think prosperous thoughts. In spell-casting if you simply state “I want to be prosperous” then you’ll get exactly what you asked for. You will always be wanting to be prosperous because this is what you just stated. Your intention has to be crystal-clear or magic can work against you without you perhaps realizing what has happened.

Nwyfre. In Druidry this is the life-force that surrounds, flows through, and penetrates all things and places. Being aware of nwyfre is essential to practicing the art of magic. If you have been practicing magic then you know that real magic is natural, not unnatural. Magic flows from your awareness of nwyfre and follows natural patterns. If you were brought up in Western society you were taught that magic didn’t exist and there was scientific reason surrounding everything. We are so ingrained with this that we become disenchanted and disconnected from nature. It’s tough at first to let go of this thought process, but when you do, you will notice you can pick up on nwyfre. I had one example of this happen to me a couple of days ago.

I was taking a shower getting ready for work; like I do every morning. In my showers I tend to think of what I need to do that day and map it out. For some reason a couple of days ago I had this feeling that their was a fire. The feeling of the fire was so intense that I thought it could be my home that was on fire. I immediately got out of the shower and looked around but no fire. I thought it was a bit strange, but I was thankful there wasn’t a fire. Later that day, on my way home from work I noticed a black smoke blanket the sky a few blocks from my house. At first, I thought it was storm clouds coming over head (that’s how dense the smoke was). I quickly realized that it wasn’t storm clouds but a thick smoke from something burning. It turned out that there was a huge brush fire that spotaneously erupted in a remote section my town due to the dry air. At that moment I thought “holy crap, I picked up on the flow of nwyfre earlier this morning!” I wanted to chalk it up to coincidence, but that was my Western trained mind to think logically about the events that had occured.

The point of all of this is that if we open up our minds and bodies to the flows of nature we will soon learn to communicate and work magically with nature. Either that or I just told a cool little story 🙂

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Been awhile…

Hi everyone.  I know it’s been almost a year since my last post.  There is a good explanation for this I promise.  As you all know I am a member of OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids) going through my journey with them.  Their Druid training is intense and sometimes takes a bit of time to be able to fully work with all that is being taught to you.

I needed some extra time away from the online world to build my inner world.  This was an important and necessary step in my spiritual development.  You see, you can’t give yourself freely to the Gods, Nature, etc… without having your inner self figured out.

I took a lot of time working with the legend of Taliesin.  I needed this legend to ring loud and clear inside of me before I was able to press on from that.  That meant the number of distractions in my outer world had to be minimized for the time being.

The legend of Taliesin is a very important story in the workings of a Druid.  It tells a story of life, death, and rebirth.  Of seeing the beauty in ugliness.  To give myself entirely to the path of Druidry I needed to take some time to heal my inner wounds and be reborn again.  So the legend of Taliesin also goes.  And for that matter, most world religions do have a similar story.

So, my humble apologies to you all for taking some time away.  But if you practice Druidry or another Pagan path, then you fully understand why I needed to take almost a year away. The blog posts will start popping up again and I will keep you all updated via Twitter and the such! Thank you for your patience and many blessings under the Oaks /|\

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