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So…where to begin?  I have been finding myself to be extremely busy lately.  I am working on my book Dragon Magick.  It is almost complete.  I got some very useful and constructive criticism in regards to content from a potential publisher.  This book will definitely have a more beginner’s feel to it, but it will set a proper tone for the beginner.  A solid foundation is extremely important before embarking on any journey.  Bardic studies with OBOD will certainly emphasize that point.

With my book, I am thrilled that it represents the basis of foundation. I worried that the title Dragon Magick could lend someone to believe that this book would be about fire-breathing dragons with some fantasy mixed in.  However, I am now confident that this book will teach a reader what it means to have a spirit-guide with you on a journey.

I believe you should get to know any spirit guide first before walking the path with them.  This relationship goes both ways.  The guide will want to get to know you as well.  That means you should know the historical significance of such a spirit guide.  Really learn to understand their abilities to help and guide you down your path.

With that said, I am pleased with the direction the winds are taking me with the book.  I will update the progress here on this blog.

Obviously, I will continue to post about my encounters on my path.  At times when I post I have crossed certain points in my path.  I hardly take the time to reflect because I am so excited to share.  Then I go back and read…sometimes I think “why did I write that??” other times…I am pleased with what I wrote.  Either way there is magick in writing down your encounters…when you go back and read you really feel the power of what you wrote.


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