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So…where to begin?  I have been finding myself to be extremely busy lately.  I am working on my book Dragon Magick.  It is almost complete.  I got some very useful and constructive criticism in regards to content from a potential publisher.  This book will definitely have a more beginner’s feel to it, but it will set a proper tone for the beginner.  A solid foundation is extremely important before embarking on any journey.  Bardic studies with OBOD will certainly emphasize that point.

With my book, I am thrilled that it represents the basis of foundation. I worried that the title Dragon Magick could lend someone to believe that this book would be about fire-breathing dragons with some fantasy mixed in.  However, I am now confident that this book will teach a reader what it means to have a spirit-guide with you on a journey.

I believe you should get to know any spirit guide first before walking the path with them.  This relationship goes both ways.  The guide will want to get to know you as well.  That means you should know the historical significance of such a spirit guide.  Really learn to understand their abilities to help and guide you down your path.

With that said, I am pleased with the direction the winds are taking me with the book.  I will update the progress here on this blog.

Obviously, I will continue to post about my encounters on my path.  At times when I post I have crossed certain points in my path.  I hardly take the time to reflect because I am so excited to share.  Then I go back and read…sometimes I think “why did I write that??” other times…I am pleased with what I wrote.  Either way there is magick in writing down your encounters…when you go back and read you really feel the power of what you wrote.


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I’m not quite sure yet about my belief in the existence of the Fae or Faery folk.  I do understand that there are many out there, pagan and non-pagan alike, that believe in these other realm folk.  I did a bit of internet rummaging yesterday on the subject because I had the strangest thing happen to me the other day which left me looking for an explanation.  There is tons of information out there in regards to the Fae.  Some of the information is more fantasy, while others are almost scholarly in their explanations of the Fae.  The information I gathered appeared to have a general consensus that the Faery folk like to play games with us in this realm.  Examples of Faery hiding items from sight, to leave us looking all over, and then that item reappearing right where we left it in the first place are common on the internet.  The other day this prime example happened to me.

I had an incense stick that I had resting on the edge of my kitchen sink about half burnt.  While I was in the kitchen I spilled some water, so as I was grabbing a paper towel I accidentally knocked the incense stick onto the floor.  I saw where the incense landed and made a mental note to pick this up when I was finished cleaning up my spill.  I threw the paper towel into the trash and went to pick up the incense and it was gone.  At first I thought I must have perhaps kicked it under the kitchen mat.  I lifted the mat and it was not there.  I scoured the floor and could not find the incense.

At that point, I called in my fiance and asked her to look on the kitchen floor to find the stick of incense.  So there’s both of us very purposefully looking for the incense stick.  Neither her nor I could find it.  We looked under the oven and in any other crevice that perhaps the incense could have been kicked under.  Nothing.  I finally started to think that maybe I did throw it away when I tossed the paper towel into the trash.  I looked in the trash can and no incense stick.  I was completely and utterly confused.

Where did the incense stick go?!  After a few minutes we finally gave up looking and just assumed that it was buried in the trash.  I told my fiance there is no way it’s buried in the trash.  I would have just tossed it in the trash, and as a result, it would be lying on top of anything in the trash can.  We both decided to call off the search and just assume it was in the trash since it could not be found on the floor.

Yeah this became the obsession of our lives for at least ten to fifteen minutes. You should have seen us; it was a literal head-scratcher!

We both go back into the living room to watch television.  A couple minutes later, I get up to get a drink of water from the kitchen.  It’s then and there that I find the incense stick lying on the kitchen floor in the exact spot I remember seeing it when it fell on the floor.  I called my fiance into the kitchen and said, Look! I asked her if there was any way in the world she would have missed this when looking.  She said no chance it was plain as day.  I thought, exactly, there is no way that two of us very purposefully looking for the incense would have had any chance of missing that.  The incense could not have been any more in plain sight.  We were literally on our hands and knees looking on the floor not more than fifteen minutes ago.

My fiance instantly chalked it up to the Fae without a doubt in her mind.  She is a green witch and also believes in the realm of the Fae.  She stated that this is a very common prank that the Faery like to play on humans. For some reason, they have graced us with their presence, and this is their way of making it known.

I have always been one to view this realm with a bit more skepticism.  However, two nights ago, I began to question my view of this realm.  Could this realm actually exist?  Should I welcome the Fae into my home?  If I don’t acknowledge their presence will their pranks just keep on coming?  After the events of two nights ago I am left pondering that this realm, in fact, could be as real as ours. I have questions.

What do you think? Do you believe in the realm of the Fae?  Have you had similar experiences that you knew for sure was the Fae playing a prank?

Comments welcome!

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It’s not often that I get into conversations about my spirituality.  However, when I do, one topic often comes up in conversation.  That topic is magic.  Typically my conversations are with those not of the pagan ways.  I often find myself answering questions about delusional ideas of magic.  The idea that I must attempt the magic of which is seen in Harry Potter movies or The Craft.  If those ideas of magic actually worked, I think everyone would attempt to practice the magical arts.  Then I wouldn’t have to answer so many questions about the reality of magic.  I explain what practicing magic means to me when I enter into these conversations.  The following is my view of what it means to practice the magical arts.

Magic is not a glamorous supernatural power apart from life.  It is the energies and processes of life itself.  Magic is rooted in our connectedness with the life of the world around us.  Magic’s greatest effect is to root us and connect us even more fully.  Magic is the expression of our connectedness.

Magic is being immersed in the world, a participant, part of the life of Nature.  To perform magic is to serve life.  Magic enhances the capacity of life in whatever form to be fully what it is and to become, perhaps, more than we might expect.

A mage understands the honor, joy, and responsibility of being part of a larger wholeness of life.  A mage serves the energies (nwyfre) that flow through that wholeness.

Magic is the ability to see the energy of Nature; and using that energy to help in life.  For example, knowing the effects of the moon’s energy and being able to use that energy to enhance your life.  Understanding and using different moon energies while its waxing, waning, full, or new.

Performing spells and rituals allow us to concentrate our energy into the ritual so that we may send it on the waves of nwyfre to manifest.  Rituals and spells allow for something tangible so that it may aid in keeping our focus of intentionality.  The proper intention is the key to successful magic.

Magic is not something made from a fake imagination.  In fact, imagination is a potent reality.  A reality that most adults allow to slip away, never to be found again.  Imagination is our minds’ way of experiencing patterns in nwyfre.  When we imagine something, that image takes shape in the nwyfre around us.

People have become disengaged from the Natural world.  Thus, the world has become disenchanted.  From our early school days, our minds have been shaped to become very linear thinking individuals.  It takes practice and committment to become holistic thinkers; thus beginning the process of re-enchantment.

Remember when you had an “imaginary” friend?   You could tell someone the exact details about the name, appearance, and personality of this being.   How real was this friend to you?  I’m sure as real as any other friend or family member you had at that time in your life.  I am here to tell you that the imagination is a reality on a different plane or realm.

I am one of the believers in magic.  I have a lot of synchronicity in my life.  It took me quite a while to truly understand that my connectedness and re-enchanment brought in tremendous amounts of synchronicity.  What some would call coincidence I call magic.

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