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Recently I have had a particular drawing to dragons.  I can’t really explain why either.  I know dragons are very powerful symbols in Celtic myth and legend; I knew this a few years ago.  However, a few years ago, I didn’t feel drawn to dragons.  I can deduct certain reasons why dragons have decided to grace me with their presence.   I’m glad they decided to enter my life.  I take this as a symbol of my spiritual development.  The dragons were only going to come into my life when I was ready for their presence.  I consider dragons a very real Otherworldly being; like the Sidhe.  As for this blog post, I decided to give you some insight into dragons from the Celtic perspective.

There is some debate as to when dragons appeared in Celtic myth.  Some believe that dragons didn’t make an appearance until early Christian times.  An important thing to remember here is that the Christians were very maticulous in developing written records.  Celtic society passed traditions orally.  Thus, it makes it a bit more difficult to fully know the exact influence dragons had on Celtic society apart from Christian documentation.  Christians changed the role of the dragon for their benefit; depicting the dragon as a symbol of evil or the devil.

The dragon was, arguably, the most powerful of all Celtic symbols.  It has been said that the Druids believed the Earth was like the body of a dragon, in which they built sacred stone circles upon the ‘Power Nodes’ of the dragon’s body.  Dragons were revered like Gods, bringing Earthly and Otherworldly forces together.   Dragons influenced the land and were associated with the power of the land.  Areas frequented by dragons were said to yield special powers.

Dragons are said to possess the gifts of wisdom, vision, and prophecy.  Dragons are the guardians of all knowledge and wisdom.  Dragons are the guardian spirits who protect the Earth and all living things.

Those who understand dragons and have knowledge of their ways will be blessed by their presence.  Dragons will protect you for as long as you let them.  Today many Wiccans and Druids bring the spirit of the dragon into their lives.

Below is a picture of my dragons.


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I had a very stressful day at work yesterday.  You know, the kind of day where people should be understanding of uncontrollable circumstances, but because it effects them, rationality is thrown out the window.  Due to such circumstances,  a day where I do everything in my power to support those individuals, but in the end I just can’t make it happen.  Due to such circumstances, a day where the affected individuals choose to take a jab at me via email to my boss while CCing me on that email; rather unfairly.  For the record, my boss was completely understanding because he was firmly ungulfed in the situation from the start.  I am not going to get into any details, but it did get me thinking of my Druid spirituality.  I would take this as the positive of what proved otherwise to be a bad day.

I got to thinking how us Druids don’t see the world through binary glasses.  There is always that third factor; the ternary.  When you take a look at the third factor the answer may lie.  It’s that balance that allows for freedom and flexibility.  Yesterday was a day in which I found it hard to recognize any tertiary factor to help resolve the situation.  Perhaps, there was not a ternary factor hidden from plain view, or perhaps there was and I failed to see it.

The point being is that I tried to look for a third factor.  I know for certain that if I were not a practicing Druid this thought process would never have entered my mind.  Sometimes that third factor isn’t obvious, sometimes it’s as plain as day.  The important lesson I learned from yesterday is to always look for the ternary and not settle on the binary.  If I can’t reveal the ternary factor then so be it; at least I tried to view the situation in this light.  At the very least, I can rest peacefully knowing that I tried everything, but sometimes in the end things don’t work out perfectly.  Or did it because I learned a valuable lesson??  See….

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Ok, so I decided to do some research on Gaelic Bardic poetry and the guidelines to write such poetry.  I found one form of this Bardic poetry, that on the surface seemed easy enough.  However, upon trying to compose this poem, proved much more difficult than I thought it would be.

As most of you know, the Druids passed on knowledge through their poetry.  This was passed down orally.  I can see the reasoning behind these patterns.  Once someone mastered the patterns it would allow you to memorize more easily.  This left me thinking that I am sure the Druids did not title their poems.  Rather they memorized the poems and searched for the magic and knowledge hidden in the poetry.  Naming a poem to me would have been to reveal the secrets they shared.  Obviously, I have not done research on this at all, but it’s a thought that entered my mind.

The particular style of Gaelic Bardic poetry I researched had the following guidelines:

1. Four line stanzas of two couplets each

2. Each line seven syllables

3. Last syllable of first line rhymes with third syllable of second line

4. Last syllable of third line rhymes with third syllable of fourth line

5. Last syllable of fourth line rhymes with last syllable of second line

I thought, easy enough pattern to follow.  The difficult part is composing poetry using these guidelines and sticking to one subject and having it make any sense whatsoever.  You have to choose words wisely, but still maintain the meaning behind the poem.  All of a sudden you become very restricted.

The poem I composed is only four stanzas.  I started to write about the power of the element of Fire, but quickly turned into a poem about the Goddess Brigid.  I don’t know how this happened, it just did.  I think Brigid was watching, and since she is the keeper of the flame, decided that she wanted this poem penned about her.

Below is my first attempt.


I am the flame bright and true

Burn for you will I always

Well of wisdom and healing

Revealing to those of our ways

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There are some beginners in the magical arts that think practicing magic will bring them all of their desires at their will. If they do spells for money, love, careers, etc…they will be blessed with all of these gifts. When these things don’t come to the new spell-caster they begin to feel discouraged. It’s usually at this moment in time where beginners lose interest. I will admit when I began dabbling in Wicca some years ago I thought this was true as well. I just needed to train my mind and expose my will to get all that I wanted. It took some teaching to learn that magic just doesn’t work in this manner. Magic works with nature not against nature; and follows the laws of attraction. For example, if you want prosperity you have to think prosperous thoughts. In spell-casting if you simply state “I want to be prosperous” then you’ll get exactly what you asked for. You will always be wanting to be prosperous because this is what you just stated. Your intention has to be crystal-clear or magic can work against you without you perhaps realizing what has happened.

Nwyfre. In Druidry this is the life-force that surrounds, flows through, and penetrates all things and places. Being aware of nwyfre is essential to practicing the art of magic. If you have been practicing magic then you know that real magic is natural, not unnatural. Magic flows from your awareness of nwyfre and follows natural patterns. If you were brought up in Western society you were taught that magic didn’t exist and there was scientific reason surrounding everything. We are so ingrained with this that we become disenchanted and disconnected from nature. It’s tough at first to let go of this thought process, but when you do, you will notice you can pick up on nwyfre. I had one example of this happen to me a couple of days ago.

I was taking a shower getting ready for work; like I do every morning. In my showers I tend to think of what I need to do that day and map it out. For some reason a couple of days ago I had this feeling that their was a fire. The feeling of the fire was so intense that I thought it could be my home that was on fire. I immediately got out of the shower and looked around but no fire. I thought it was a bit strange, but I was thankful there wasn’t a fire. Later that day, on my way home from work I noticed a black smoke blanket the sky a few blocks from my house. At first, I thought it was storm clouds coming over head (that’s how dense the smoke was). I quickly realized that it wasn’t storm clouds but a thick smoke from something burning. It turned out that there was a huge brush fire that spotaneously erupted in a remote section my town due to the dry air. At that moment I thought “holy crap, I picked up on the flow of nwyfre earlier this morning!” I wanted to chalk it up to coincidence, but that was my Western trained mind to think logically about the events that had occured.

The point of all of this is that if we open up our minds and bodies to the flows of nature we will soon learn to communicate and work magically with nature. Either that or I just told a cool little story 🙂

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Been awhile…

Hi everyone.  I know it’s been almost a year since my last post.  There is a good explanation for this I promise.  As you all know I am a member of OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids) going through my journey with them.  Their Druid training is intense and sometimes takes a bit of time to be able to fully work with all that is being taught to you.

I needed some extra time away from the online world to build my inner world.  This was an important and necessary step in my spiritual development.  You see, you can’t give yourself freely to the Gods, Nature, etc… without having your inner self figured out.

I took a lot of time working with the legend of Taliesin.  I needed this legend to ring loud and clear inside of me before I was able to press on from that.  That meant the number of distractions in my outer world had to be minimized for the time being.

The legend of Taliesin is a very important story in the workings of a Druid.  It tells a story of life, death, and rebirth.  Of seeing the beauty in ugliness.  To give myself entirely to the path of Druidry I needed to take some time to heal my inner wounds and be reborn again.  So the legend of Taliesin also goes.  And for that matter, most world religions do have a similar story.

So, my humble apologies to you all for taking some time away.  But if you practice Druidry or another Pagan path, then you fully understand why I needed to take almost a year away. The blog posts will start popping up again and I will keep you all updated via Twitter and the such! Thank you for your patience and many blessings under the Oaks /|\

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